Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I hate Terra Nova

A show that is quite possibly the laziest, vapid, pandering ignorant writing of all time.

We had all the formulaic players, wussified father figure who lets his children and wife push him around and order him about while he ineffectually just takes it. The angsty teen boy who ignores authority and cannot be told anything, not one but TWO extremely competent highly intelligent beautiful teen age girls who know more than everyone around them and are wise beyond their years, the imbecilic baby who manages to wander off to feed the dinosaurs, the hyper intelligent female doctor who orders her hubby around and is the final word on any decision making even when it comes to the base isolated colony with limited resources and power where groups of teens have all the free daylight time to steal one of the colony's highly valuable irreplaceable vehicles to go out to make moonshine amongst the dinosaurs. The colonists are all disarmed patsys with a small military force to protect them with guns that fire bullets that wont even pierce the skin of an animal (dinosaur), an ultra macho uber black woman who commands a break away village while everyone wastes vast quantities of resources, man power and energy on a continuing basis, a tough as nails bad ass base commander that lets a teenage girl off the hook, for participating in activities that got several people killed or maimed and required squandering enough ammunition to fight a small war.

Then there is the whole socialist commune life style which if anyone looked at history would realize that running such a colony in an isolated primitive society is always doomed to failure.
It is as if there is a scripted formula for this kind of garbage where the stereotype check boxes had to be marked off, the only stereotype that I did not see represented in this first 2 hour steaming pile was an openly gay person or gay couple with adopted kids


Brigid said...

Making me more glad I totally missed it.

immagikman said...

We will probably Tivo it one more time to see if they get it back on track, otherwise off the list it goes.