Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Health and Human Services, Department of Education, National Weather Service, Social Security Administration...what do they have in common? All Paper pushers.....what have they been doing? BUYING massive amounts of weapons and ammunition and body armor.....why? I have no freakin idea.  
Edit Update:  I spoke to a friend of mine who reminds me that Government Budgets are strange animals, some times one Department will utilize the unused monies in anothers coffers to cover for shortages in their own So this might just be a case where one hand is paying the other.  Still looks strange and Homeland Security buying nearly a BILLION rounds of ammo???  Wow.....Maybe they could lend some of that to the DoD now that they are gutting National Defense.
and the list goes on


Brigid said...

Are you messing with me becaue of the birthday? :-)

The print on your blog has gone so small I can't read it.

Glad you liked the haircut post and noticed the outfit :-) that went with it.

immagikman said...

Hmmm no, I didn't change the fonts or anything...actually havent done much with the Blog at all for the last yer or more. B, you cut the most beautiful picture for a woman who never shows her face :) The haircut is just seems to fit and of course you have great hair to start with. As for the Dress Well now, a body would have to be dead for some time to not notice that.